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Musical Theatre Historian

For the majority of my life, I've considered myself to be a "musical theatre geek". While most of the world looks at me and thinks of it as just another obsession, I look at my interests and see a career.


Now I know what you're asking: "Jackie...what does a

musical theatre historian actually DO?" 

Well, I've been asking myself that as well and I've finally come up with a definition that I think best describes it for me.

A Musical Theatre Historian is:

Part dramaturg

Part librarian

Part fangirl

Part teacher

Part champion of the old

Part champion of the new

Part curator

and most importantly...part
musical theatre dork!

Yes, I like to dramaturg, but I also like to sit back and listen to the album of a musical flop I've never heard of!

Maybe it means one day I'll write a book?

Maybe write for a theatre website?

I may not be sure where this road is taking me, but I can definitely say that I'm proud to consider myself a

Musical Theatre Historian.

Jackie looking out on NYC
Jackie looking out at the audience from the stage of the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway
Jackie looking out at Lincoln Center
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