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Legally Blonde, oh yeah!

Cedar Grove High School
June 11th, 2021

“What, like it's hard?”

After a crazy pandemic year, I'm so excited to be asked back again to Cedar Grove High School to serve as their dramaturg again for this year's musical, Legally Blonde! We'll be taking all safety precautions possible (even performing the whole show in clear masks!) and have a limited audience, but it is such a joy to be back in a theater again after such a dark year. 

We were very lucky last year that our production of Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure went up in February before everything shut down, and we can't wait to give this year's crop of students a chance to shine. They are true troopers and I'm incredibly proud to be working with them! 

Broadway Dork Designs

I started an Etsy Shop!
January 25th, 2021

Yup, you read that right!

During quarantine I decided to get creative and start my own Etsy shop for Broadway-themed jewlery and art. 

I offer earrings, necklaces, pins, charm bracelets, cuff links, and more. I'm always adding to the shop, so check it out!

You can also see some items on Instagram at @BroadwayDorkDesigns

Coffee After Covid

(I'm on a podcast now!)
June 15th, 2020

What happens when you take four stage managers from around the world and put them in one (virtual) room? You get a podcast!

We started Coffee After Covid from an idea in the chat at the Broadway Stage Management Symposium and it became a virtual coffee date that you can listen to as we release new episodes every other week. 

Hosted by myself (New Jersey), Morgan Eisen (New York), Dian Micheal Harcovecchio (South Africa), and Robert Klein (Colorado), you can listen at the button below or anywhere you find your podcasts! 

We're also on Facebook and Instagram at Coffee After Covid.

I started a quarantine movement!

June 7th, 2020

This is a crazy time we're living in. Obviously a worldwide pandemic means that safety comes first, but I was understandably upset when Broadway shut down right as the season was ramping up. I was excited for the Tonys and now I feel a little empty without I came up with a way we could all still celebrate! 
The Tony Distancing Challenge was born so we could all dress up and celebrate our love for Broadway in our own way. Throw your own party! Do whatever you feel is right to celebrate.

And please spread the word using the hashtag #WhatIDidForTonys on all social media!

Baby at Old Library Theatre

George Frey Center for Performing Arts
February 21st, 2020

I guess you can't keep me away...I took another trip back to Old Library Theatre to join the ensemble in their production of Baby the Musical!

While it was a VERY different musical than Parade or The Full Monty, it was such a blast to work with some of the same folks and some new friends. I had the added challenge of performing the show with a herniated disc, so while I did have to use a cane for my performance...the show must, and did, go on!

Ran February 21st-23rd, 2020

George Frey Center for Performing Arts at the Fair Lawn Community Center

I'm part of ITMIT!

The World's Largest Theatrical Database

I'm so excited to be acting as the Research Historian for a brand new theatrical database: Index to Music in Theatre! We will  be cataloging all theatrical pieces that include music.

More news to come with this in the future as we get closer to our official launch!

I won't grow up...but I will go home again!

Cedar Grove High School
February 27th, 2020

“All children, except one, grow up.”

I'm so honored to be asked back to my old high school, Cedar Grove High School, to serve as their dramaturg once again for this year's spring musical, Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure! After diving into 1950s Boston in Curtains, this year we get a chance to travel back to London of the early 1900s.

This isn't your typical Mary Martin Peter Pan either...this is the Stiles and Drewe 1996 UK version! I can't wait to dig into a new show and work with such talented students again. To Neverland!

The Full Monty at Old Library Theatre

George Frey Center for Performing Arts
October 18th, 2019

It was such a blast to return to Old Library Theatre to join their production of The Full Monty! I played Betty and a member of the ensemble.

I loved reuniting with many of my company members from last season's Parade to work on a new show! And made many new friends in the process, of course. 

Ran October 18th-20th and 25th-27th, 2019

George Frey Center for Performing Arts at the Fair Lawn Community Center

Back to the old stomping grounds!

Cedar Grove High School
February 28th, 2019

"It's an honor and a joy to be in Show Business!"

It was such a treat going back to where it all started...Cedar Grove High School! I served as Dramaturg for their 2019 Spring Musical, Curtains, and got a chance to connect with a new generation of theatre kids! It was so inspiring to see their passion for the show in an environment that I knew so well. I'm so honored that I was able to be a part of it!

Parade at Old Library Theatre

George Frey Center for Performing Arts
October 12th, 2018

It was such a pleasure to go back to Atlanta, Georgia once again in Parade
This time in a full production, I was a part of the ensemble of Old Library Theatre's production of Parade. One of my all-time favorite musicals, it was such a treat to jump back into that world with a brand new cast and revisit such a challenging score. 

Ran October 12th-14th and 19th-21st, 2018

George Frey Center for Performing Arts at the Fair Lawn Community Center

Graduation from Temple 2.0!

Temple Performing Arts Center
May 10th, 2018

After four years of undergrad and one year of grad school, I finally received my MA in Musical Theatre Studies from Temple University.

A big thank you to all my professors and friends who stuck out the year with me as well as my parents for supporting me through it all!

Master's Thesis!

​12pm at Paley Library Lecture Hall
April 25th, 2018
Now You Know: How the Dissolve of the Sondheim/Prince Dynasty Shaped Musical Theatre

I finally performed my thesis, a cabaret/lecture about how the flop of Merrily We Roll Along and subsequent split of Stephen Sondheim and Hal Prince's partnership was actually the best thing that could've happened to their individual careers.

Musically Directed by Patrick Tice-Carroll, now you can watch video of the full thing online!

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